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Elephant Bush

This easygoing succulent is everything you want in a houseplant, and it’s new to the Ryerse’s repertoire! We are super excited about this South African native that has small, green leaves that look similar to the classic jade plant. Why is it called an “elephant bush”? Elephants actually eat it in its native growing habitat where it can reach 2-6 meters in height! For our houseplant purposes, this gentle giant prefers a bright indirect light in a room that is free of drafts, a well-drained soil, and plenty of pot drainage. Enjoy!

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Tillandsia Ionantha aka Air Plant

A plant that grows in air? What?! This mind-boggling houseplant is epiphytic, meaning it absorbs its nutrients through its leaves as opposed to soil. Once you have come down from the airy clouds of having your mind blown, place your Central and South American native in bright, indirect sunlight, “wash” or mist thoroughly twice a week (leaves cannot sit in water), and get creative! Air plants are used to growing on trees in their native habitat, so think BIG with this small conversation starter that will even bloom after a few years!

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Mona Lisa Lipstick Plant

This fiery red cosmetic queen is a native to Southeast Asia, where it grows as an epiphytic (takes in nutrients through its leaves) evergreen perched on the sides of trees. Emulate these conditions in your home (hanging basket, high humidity, and bright indirect light) and you are guaranteed to be WOW’d by this attractive stunner. Allow soil to slightly dry out between watering's, and if you notice its leaves are wrinkling, it’s time for some H2O!

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Coffee Plant - Coffea aribica

This attractive and lush green houseplant not only grows the beans of your favourite hot beverage, but its hardiness and easy-to-grow habits make it a must-have for beginner plant parents and seasoned green thumbs alike. The coffee plant prefers bright, indirect light and should be kept away from cold winter drafts. It should be kept moist, well-drained, and prefers humid conditions (help this along by placing it on a water-filled pebble tray and/or regular misting). Native to Ethiopia.

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String of Dolphins

The eye-catching and unique string of dolphins is sure to have you daydreaming about chilling on the beach surrounded by palm trees and swimming in the tropics at sunset! This one-of-a-kind succulent is known not only for its dolphin-shaped foliage, but also its long tendrils and full hanging habit. It can also be trained to grow upwards if that’s the look you’re after! This low-maintenance, indoor succulent prefers to hang in a bright window and is quite happy with little water, ironically enough! Native to Southwest Africa.

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