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Bare House? Houseplants!

You have cleaned up all of your Christmas paraphernalia once again, and you are feeling cleansed and ready for the new year ahead. But wait, is that a bald spot on the wall? Is that a baron corner over yonder? Does my mantle look completely empty? You stop and think, “how am I going to fix this?” Houseplants, houseplants, houseplants. Friends, it’s the best answer we have and it’s tried and true year after year. 

At Ryerse Garden Gallery, we now have an ongoing selection of fresh houseplants coming in that will brighten up any corner or surface in your home! 

Read on to see what we have in store NOW, and learn some tips on how to best care for them! 

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Air Plant (Tillandsia)

We are currently carrying numerous varieties of air plants and we love these low maintenance cuties because you can put them anywhere! Except in soil, don’t even try it. Air plants are an epiphyte plant (derive nutrients from air and water), and they give you a chance to have some greenery where you may not be able to otherwise. Be creative!

Tillandsias are from humid, tropical climates and they use roots to attach themselves to things (not for absorbing nutrients).

To keep air plants happy, remember:

  • They still need water! This can be done by misting or soaking.
  • They love humidity, so keeping them away from cold drafts and windows will be ideal.
  • We said this once but we will mention it again: don’t put them in soil. It won’t work. In their natural habitat, they grow on the side of trees and other plants.
  • Air plants still need sunlight, so avoid putting them in your dark spare room.

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String of Pearls

These dainty, succulent creatures are elegant and unique in their sphere-like appearance, and we love that they can be gracefully hung from ceilings, shelves, and anywhere with lots of light.

String of Pearls need:

  • Plenty of light all year long
  • Soil that is well-drained and sandy (a succulent or cactus soil is best)

Watering about every 10-14 days in the winter months, but if you notice the spherical leaves flattening, your pearls are telling you they’re thirsty. Also, ensure the water is completely drained before hanging them back up.  

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Hoya (Aka Wax Plant)

Hoya are a long-lived, classic way to bring some greenery into your indoor space this winter.

For the best hoya care, we recommend:

  • A nice bright room with lots of indirect light
  • Higher levels of humidity and rooms that are free of any cold drafts
  • A potting soil with good air circulation in a “crowded” pot. They will not need repotting often.
  • Less water in the winter months. Water them just enough so they don’t completely dry out between waterings.

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Venus Fly Traps

This is one for the kids because they can sit around and watch this carnivore feast on “fly”ing passerbys. Imagine that! A plant that looks nice, brings your family joy, AND helps to keep your home fly-free. What more could you want?!

To care for these carnivorous catchers, they will need:

  • Live flies, gnats, or mosquitos. Gross, right? In the winter months, this can be done with tweezers and periodically (every 1-2 months), and the growth rate will likely slow during this season. Catching is up to you!
  • Plenty of sunlight, aiming for at least 4 hours of direct sunlight a day
  • A peat-based potting mix that is well-drained, and low in nutrients (like its natural bog habitat)
  • Keep moist (because of reason stated above)
  • Do not fertilize (because of reason stated above above)

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Succulents and Cactus


Folks, these plants are for the green thumbs AND the black thumbs in your life. What we love about these wee ones is how low-maintenance they are, and how diverse of a selection they come in. Throw up a couple floating shelves and introduce succulents and cactus with some cute pots to liven up a room. Pick up your favourite long, decorative pot and plant a few that you love for your mantle or coffee table. Spice up your bookshelves and cabinets with a couple small pots sprinkled here and there.


In the winter months:

  • Do not over water! Once every couple of weeks should be fine (depending on the brightness of your room) and never let them sit in water.
  • These babies love light, so the brighter the room the better. 


Some other plants you will find at Ryerse’s NOW are:

  • ZZ plant
  • Chinese Money Tree (for luck and good fortune!)
  • Peace Lily
  • Sansevieria (Snake Plant)
  • Donkey’s Tail (Burro’s Tail)


And many more! Come let us help you brighten up your space today!