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Ortho Bug B Gon ECO Insecticide Ready-To-Use - 1L

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Product Description

Japanese beetles attacking your ornamentals and leaving big holes in the leaves? Stop beetles by applying Ortho® Beetle B Gon® MAX Beetle Killer! It’s made with a natural active ingredient that is a live, soil-borne organism, and controls a variety of beetles, including Japanese beetles, June beetles and chafers. As beetles eat the foliage, they also ingest the active ingredient, and then die over a period of days. Bonus point: the product does not adversely affect butterflies, bees, and other insects, if used according to instructions.

Product Details

Controls a number of beetle species
Can be applied on foliage and on soil near the plants
Does not adversely affect beese, butterifles, ladybugs, if used according to instructions
Easy to mix
Shelf stable, no refrigeration required


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